Topics that keep me busy during Lockdown

Hey cuties, it's been a while and I get more and more bored during Lockdown. I just want to visit lectures in fancy auditoriums again and meet fellow students to talk with...
But until its gonna be like that again I've got some new hobbies that keep me busy!!


I am currently reading "The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin" by Charlotte Cho, its about finding the right products for your skin type and explains the 10 steps of the famous Korean skincare!! I thought that if I begin taking care of my skin now during Lockdown, everyone will be surprised about how squishy perfect my face will look like when I can meet everyone again!!!! ・ω・


Working from home means I need to have a neat and comfy workspace. My desktop is sadly neither right now, it's chaotic and unorganised, but it could be so much more!! I plan to reorganise it carefully step by step so I can finally have a clean and empty surface for doing homework!


I found a lot of YouTube channels that talk about fashion aesthetics and fashion history or fashion from tv shows and movies. I am even changing my wardrobe piece by piece into something more timeless with high quality pieces that would probably fit into the "dark academia" aesthetic while still being comfy. It really feels good to have some academic vibes back in my life now, whenever I have an online meeting I dress up fully in blazer and all, it's so nice!! The Youtube channels about fashion I can really recommend are:

But be careful, my current "About You" wishlist costs over thousand euros in total, I guess it'll take some time for me to update my wardrobe in total. General advice is - quality over quantity, high quality timeless basics over saisonal fashion pieces, personal fashion aesthetics over trends.


I plan to write about specific things from these topics, maybe it helps someone else here to find something interesting and meaningful to do during Lockdown :3 Stay healthy, cuties ( ⌯ᵘ ᵕ ᵘ ⌯)

3. February 2021