I think I'll keep this layout and design and all

It's totally dark magic I can't understand but I can actually really identify myself with how the blog looks right now owo

It doesn't really make sense cause its so minimal, the only addition from me to it is making the titles and links pink.

Why does that make it feel so familiar and personal? O̴͓͕͕͉ ͙ŵ̹̝̫̤̥ͤ͑͌ͬͧ͒Ȯ ̎̐ͬ͒͆͡

I'll go back home today ~ was in my home town during new years eve, surprisingly very cuddly UwU

I've already mentioned the two friends I spent New year's eve with, but I also reconnected with a very precious friend from my school. I really really really wanted to reconnect at least a year ago already but I deleted all phone numbers after school cause I needed a cut from everything.

She contacted me which means a lot to me, normally I am the person that contacts former acquaintances so it was a really emotional surprise to me when she and my other friend from school days contacted me (´•̥ ω •̥` ')

Tl;dr: I have friends in my hometown, I love them, I feel loved, 10/10 UwU

3. January 2021