Comfy Comfy New Year!! UwU

I had a very very very (very!!!) comfortable new year's eve!! So comfortable that I kinda got home only just now!! >w< falls onto bed

It's good to finally be able to talk about so many things again that are currently important to me and are buzzing around inside of my head.. It's normal that not everyone is interested in ALL the same things you are interested in I guess but it's a bit exhausting when really nobody you're normally meeting (ofc not currently anyways because of Corona) is up to date with the topics you're interested in!

Especially for something like politics it's really hard to find people you can talk with about it, not everyone is up to date, not everyone is even interested and some people even get annoyed if you want to talk about it which is perfectly alright, interests differ, but I still like being able to discuss things... UwU

It's good to know that there are people out there I can reconnect instantly to every time I meet them <3 Also, they're cute and I am so thankful for all the tasty food!! OwOwOwO

My plan for tomorrow is to finally get to work at this programming project for university, if I am as productive as today!! We have this programming project at university where we're supposed to write a chat server and client in Java, I kinda hate it but am also really really really (really!!) glad about the project partner I got. It's someone I can communicate with!!! Yes, a stranger I did not know before, a computer science student, that I can COMMUNICATE!! with!!!!!! One of the friends I spent New Year's Eve with said that my project partner is just an illusion created from my own chatbot I have to program for computational linguistics.. >w< (I hope not :O)

I hope your New Years Eves were as comfy as well, let's celebrate that we accomplished the hard 2020 level!! \o/ Next level 2021 starts now, everynyan equip yourselves with lots of comfy quarantine blankets and mental health chocolate!!!!!! >w< applies war paint made out of liquid chocolate

1. January 2021