Beginner’s Guide to Skincare #2 - Moisturising like a Pro

So, you've already learned about cleansing, so you no longer will get inflammations from clogged pores! I am so proud of you!! Sadly, for most people, this isn't enough though and you also have to figure out how to hydrate your skin, once you've cleaned it! Of course, a well-nourishing diet contributes to this too, but usually you just tend to dull skin. I will explain to you the most common categories of moisturising products and which would make sense for you now!

Prepare your Skin

Toner - the foundation

The main function of a toner is to prepare your skin for its following moisturising so that it's able to take in all the nutrients properly. It will gently refresh your skin without irritating it! Some toners do contain alcohol which is okay for oily non-sensitive skin but for every other type of skin something we really desperately want to avoid since alcohol both can irritate skin very easily and dries it out! I am using the "COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner" but it is totally fine to just go to your local drugstore and pick something non-Nivea non-alcoholic!

Essence - even more moisturising

To even further treat your skin you can also use an essence after your moisturiser, which, while often pricier and less easy to find in your local drugstore, not only prepares your skin for its follow-up moisturising but also already provides nutrition itself! I started using the "Secret Key - Starting Treatment Essence" properly some months ago and its magic OwO

Moisturising and Treating


In case of sensitive, dry skin you'll definitely necessarily want to add up to your nurturing part of your skincare routine. In other cases it can give you a nice fresh look and happy skin :3 Serums/Ampoules (same thing) are rich on nutrients for your skin, hence why they usually have a thick oil-like texture that you really have to tap into your skin for it to get to work. If you properly prepared your skin for it, the ingredients should sink right into your skin and give you a boost! For sensitive skin like mine there is properly no better serum than the "iUNIK - Tea Tree Relief Serum" since tea tree is my personal favourite soothing ingredient!

Sheet Mask

This one is the queen of skincare! You can get them in every drugstore in all different kinds of flavours, for all different kinds of skins, etc. for low money! I usually apply one when I take a bath since it has to lay on the face for usually around 15 minutes up to half an hour sometimes even! It's usually filled with the same ingredients you get in a Serum/Ampoule but the sheet protection layer prevents the ingredients from disappearing into the air instead of sinking into your skin. It's also much more product per mask than you'd usually use per essence + serum. It's more of an optional thing, but if you're going to go on a date for example or just want to get some feeling of luxury in your everyday life, it's the perfect product to use!

Eye Cream

Usually, the area around your eyes tends to be very dry due to very thin skin and the lack of sebaceous glands. So you'd like to apply a very rich, for sensitive-skin approved cream there to prevent skin-damage and resulting wrinkles! Apply every night!

Moisturiser (Cream)

Why still using a cream after all the other moisturising treatment products? Well, that's easy to answer - to protect your skin throughout the day / night from daily environmental exertions, keeping it hydrated, moisturising it further! If you wanna skip out on the more richer treatment and nurturing part of your skincare routine (time/money/motivation), at least apply a creme!


1. Cleansing (see post #1 in this series)

2. Preparing (Toner + Essence)

3. Treatment (Serum/Ampoule + Sheet Mask)

4. Moisturising and Protection (Eyecream + Face cream)

17. September 2021