On my way home!!

Comfy comfy car drive back home, my father drives me, Isi is UwU

As soon as I get home I'll finally update the icon for this blog!! Volpeon doodled me a beautiful one I still have to get from my laptop onto the server this place here is on, its easy to do, why am I so pawwcrastinatinggg (∩˃o˂∩)

I really should do the uni project tomorrow after some good sleep though, deadline is in 12 days and I have yet to develop... The entire UI?!?!? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┴┴

Am pawwwfectionist so I want it to be as comfy as possible 🐾

pspsps, you're cute!


I think I'll keep this layout and design and all

It's totally dark magic I can't understand but I can actually really identify myself with how the blog looks right now owo

It doesn't really make sense cause its so minimal, the only addition from me to it is making the titles and links pink.

Why does that make it feel so familiar and personal? O̴͓͕͕͉ ͙ŵ̹̝̫̤̥ͤ͑͌ͬͧ͒Ȯ ̎̐ͬ͒͆͡

I'll go back home today ~ was in my home town during new years eve, surprisingly very cuddly UwU

Animal Crossing New Horizons is just a bad copy of Stardew Valley!!!!!!

I mean think of it!!!!!!!!! The friendships getting reduced to giving gifts every day... The decorations everywhere, how everything looks better with fences, ... The difference is that Animal Crossing feels empty while Stardew Valley does not ...

Also I am badly addicted to it ・ω・

Comfy Comfy New Year!! UwU

I had a very very very (very!!!) comfortable new year's eve!! So comfortable that I kinda got home only just now!! >w< falls onto bed

Hewwo there, fluffies ~

It's been a while since I've last tried to set up a blog and all. As it's now I think I am finally at least KINDA comfortable with it but it's possible that I might change the entire theme and even the software this is running on every few days, I am not good at making design decisions and stay at them ^w^

Since I was formerly a user of the Fediverse, which is an awesome place for everyone who is searching for a cuddly community if you happen to search one, I think I just might use this blog as a place for my random thoughts and all I am used to post there.

I kinda miss blobcat already UwU