Comfy night

Yay my sleep rhythm is broken until next semester I guess \o/

But apart from that I am really comfy right now, am rewatching Sex and The City for the 576578537997543th time while playing Stardew Valley ~

The Wizards in Harry Potter are starving to death!!

We know:

  • Food cannot be summoned out of the air or else you wouldn't need house elves for cooking
  • even the Weasleys who live countryside and are considered poor aren't farmers, as everyone knows Arthur is employee at the British Ministry of Magic and Molly is housewife
  • not even the magical creatures are tamed and looked after for getting food. Have you ever heard something like the dragon tamers consuming dragon eggs or anything like that?
  • and also the plants in herbology aren't there for eating as food but instead for their magic attributes

So you don't ever see any wizard there doing agriculture or anything like that.

So their food must come from muggles, right? But if that's the case - how do they pay for it? Wizards can't offer the muggles magical services cause that would be illegal. But if you remember how the wizards need subjects like muggle studies and don't even know how to use a phone or write a normal letter or anything, it's not very likely that they have muggle typical jobs they can earn money with...
I am confused (´•̥ ω •̥` ')

Is Kazuo Umezu Horror or Comedy?

But I remembered the memeability of Kazuo Umezu's work ~


Me: mlem
Him: If I just had a post stamp now..
Me: I'd eat it ・ω・

On my way home!!

Comfy comfy car drive back home, my father drives me, Isi is UwU

As soon as I get home I'll finally update the icon for this blog!! Volpeon doodled me a beautiful one I still have to get from my laptop onto the server this place here is on, its easy to do, why am I so pawwcrastinatinggg (∩˃o˂∩)

I really should do the uni project tomorrow after some good sleep though, deadline is in 12 days and I have yet to develop... The entire UI?!?!? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┴┴

Am pawwwfectionist so I want it to be as comfy as possible 🐾

pspsps, you're cute!